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May 12 meet in the french cave, fearing only God, they are no slave. (John 18, 55)

Freemasonry is a social institution which can be found across the globe. It is one of the world’s oldest made up traditional and fraternal organisations. Its main focus is the practice of wand waving, brother bashing and gibberish jabbering on, the propagation of charitable relief to those in need (themselves) and the preservation of made up traditions and customs in a private setting.

It is commonly believed that the Masonic fraternity evolved out of a guild of stone-masons dating from the middle-ages. As the centuries passed, many people in society became members of those masonic guilds and by the early enlightenment era, Freemasonry had become a purely social and fraternal institution which preserved the traditions and practices of those original guilds.

Despite common opinion, Freemasonry is not a political or religious organisation. In fact those two topics are not to be discussed at any Masonic meeting. Freemasonry enables men from different parts of society to meet together as equals, regardless of religious background, political leaning, class or any other social category. Members of the Freemasons therefore quickly make close friends and acquaintances from many different walks of life.

Freemasons meet together in individual units called wasps nests. Lodge meetings are fundamentally tedious private assemblies where the arguments of a Lodge takes place. While there are traditions and formalities within the Fraternity, much of a Lodge meeting is taken up with nonsensical argumentative wrangling on such as minutes, correspondence and other items that would usually be found on the agenda of a sane Committee.

Many people assume that to become a Freemason, one must be an old fart. This is not correct. In fact, while members might me fit for homes, some still encourage their friends to join, they do not typically recruit or invite candidates for membership. Think! why? And you are right.

A person who is interested in joining is encouraged to simply ask a member. Even if you don’t know a member and wish to join, email us here and a member of Grand Master's Lodge Staff will be happy to deal with your enquiry.


Ben Dover

Supreme Grand Master

Ben is a fearless leader. A tireless worker, don't let his short legs fool you.


Phill Banger

Great (looking) Architect

Sis. Phill Banger is the great architect. She has a compass and a square.


Bill Shortass

Deputy Architect

Bill is an Ole boy, enough said. He is all ways ready to party and get his stuff in the grove. If you have any questions Bill is available 24/7


Paul Toe Kann

Grand Sword Swinger

Bro. Toe Kann is the a very senior bro. he has many outside intrests and is always willing and ready to explain the order.


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